Daniel Kawczynski MP critical of EU move on Poland

On Wednesday, the EU threatened Poland with the withdrawal of voting rights over its concerns about policies it claimed threaten the independence of the country’s judiciary.

Frans Timmermans, vice-president of the commission, said that in two years 13 laws had been adopted that put at serious risk the independence of Poland’s judiciary and the separation of powers.

However, writing on Twitter, the Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said the reform was deeply needed and that “Poland is as devoted to the rule of law as the rest of the EU”.

He added: “The dialogue between the commission and Warsaw needs to be both open and honest.

“I believe that Poland’s sovereignty and the idea of United Europe can be reconciled.”

Daniel Kawczynski, MP for Shrewsbury & Atcham, has raised concern at the EU approach.

He has called for closer ties between Britain and Poland. The call cames as UK Prime Minister Theresa May visited Poland.

Mr Kawczynski said: “Poland today is a thriving democratic and sovereign nation, with its citizens engaged in the democratic process.

“The current Polish government has a stronger support among the nation than any other former government after the fall of communism in Poland.

“The Law and Justice Party has a majority in parliament and in the senate, as well as holding the presidency.

“They are implementing promises which were in their pre-election manifesto.

“The EU’s triggering of Article 7 and constant threats against Poland are a worrying development for all those interested in the future and prosperity of the country.”

Mr Kawczynski said the rule of law was a vital element of any democracy and changes made to it were best dealt with in the countries concerned.

“Although Poland is a member of the EU and must comply with standards set, the approach should be one of dialogue when one side has concerns,” he said.

“Unilateral actions by a more powerful player rarely leading to positive and constructive outcomes.”

Mr Kawczynski said Britain’s impending departure from the EU would represent the opportunity for greater ties with Poland.

He said: “The United Kingdom is the most natural strategic partner for Poland and Britain’s withdrawal from the EU provides a fresh and exciting opportunity for British-Polish relations to flourish.

“The UK will not tolerate any threats to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Poland, wherever those threats originate.”

Poland has been given three months to address the concerns.

In defiance of the European Union’s move, President Andrzej Duda signed into law two bills reforming the Supreme Court and the National Council of the Judiciary.

Mr Duda said this would deepen democracy in Poland, improve the justice system and restore citizens’ faith in the judiciary.
Source: Shropshire Star